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Snowboard Stand

Stop your snowboard from slipping over
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After a hard day on the piste, how many times have you put your board into the communal dry room and found the next day the things fallen over and chipped the edges?

In europe anyway most of the dry rooms are setup for skiers only, so the only option is to prop the thing against the wall and hope it doesn't slide off, but it always does.

Heres the idea, you have a chunky elastic band style bit of rubber, grooved on one edge that you wrap around the nose and tail of your board, so if it does slip off then it won't chip the board at least.

Its should be very cheap to produce and very small so you can stick it in your pocket. Could also be used to protect your board when travelling ...

stunning, Jun 16 2003

Snowboard Edge Protector http://www.spoonfis...com/coolpg.htm#edge
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       Whilst admitidly kinda baked, these things look like some mutated fan belts. I'm thinking more along the lines of some sleek looking strap that uses the natural curve of the tip or end of the board to keep the the thing in place, the imprtance being an object you can easily stowe away, and not something you can use to lasso the skier whose just cut in front of you ...
stunning, Jul 05 2003

       Well, the description in the idea, " ... a chunky elastic band style bit of rubber, grooved on one edge ...," more closely matches a mutated fan belt than it does a sleek looking strap, no?
bristolz, Jul 05 2003


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