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Snowglobe contact lens

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As a digression from my obsession with developing the perfect contact lens, MaxxCo. is pleased to announce the availability of Snowglobe contact lenses in time for the festering season.

Available in both soft and rigid versions, SnowGlobe lenses contain, in the interstitutional space between the front and rear faces, a non-explosive, non-turtle-harming high- index liquid in which are suspended tiny glittery flakes of the purest simulated snow.

Sadly, the snowflakes are too close to the eye to be visible to the wearer (who will notice only a slight dimming effect), but your friends (and indeed enemies) will be enchanted by the little snow-flurries as you shift your gaze.

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2011

Floaters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floater
Maddening when they go floating by. Get old...get floaters. [Klaatu, Dec 15 2011]


       //your friends (and indeed enemies) will be enchanted//   

       They'll be green with envy ... or maybe nausea.
mouseposture, Dec 14 2011

       So, would this somehow counteract the floaters that I already have in my eyes?
Klaatu, Dec 15 2011


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