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Soccer with Guns :)

One team has a soccer ball, the other has rifles...
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Since two of my ideas today were already baked, I feel I need to redeem myself. Unfortunately, I saw a similar half-baked idea (linked), but I thought this one was different enough to deserve its own page.

Team A consists of soccer players, who play by the normal soccer rules (they may not use their hands, etc). They get points when they successfully kick a ball into Team B's goal.

Team B consists of sharpshooters, who are armed with Civil War rifles. They get points when they successfully shoot and deflate a ball. When they score, a new ball is put into play.

The soccer players have the advantage of being able to run around, but they are still at risk of being shot. Sharpshooters, on the other hand, have to stand still to aim, and reloading is a bit of a chore.

May the best team win!

rgovostes, Oct 15 2003

Shooter Soccer (Football) http://www.halfbake...Soccer_20(Football)
Similar idea, by pnewp [rgovostes, Oct 04 2004]


       [rgovostes], the road to redemption is already paved with dead theologians.
Laughs Last, Oct 15 2003

       What a wonderful way to get americans interested in a 'new' sport...combine it with their old favorite sport. Guns :)
HamiltonSniper, Oct 16 2003

       football (soccer) is pretty good as it is. Suspect the addition of guns will add nothing.
jonthegeologist, Oct 16 2003

       //the addition of guns will add nothing.//   

       Clearly, you haven't thought of the bullets.
Overpanic, Oct 16 2003

       quite so [overpanic]
jonthegeologist, Oct 16 2003

       The Refs blind, that guy just shot Beckham. That should have been a penalty, maybe even a red card...   

       I think the gun hooligans might be even worse than the regular hooligans, and thats saying someting.
RobertKidney, Oct 16 2003

       I'm not so sure about this one. It *sounds* from the title like that WWE one-punch football idea somebody half-baked earlier, but it seems like your idea is more skill/precision-based than it is about killing people.   

       It sounds like an entirely different game (than soccer) to me, since the notion of defense is fundamentally overhauled. I've got a couple points of contention with this otherwise interesting idea:   

       (1) Why not paintballs instead of bullets? Would anyone with decent soccer skill want to join this sport if they could be shot to death just because they played a team with bad shooting skills? Perhaps paintballs could knock out a player or stop the ball, ruleswise.   

       (2) Instead of a goals vs. shots system--which would make for uncertain scoring--have sharpshooters (of the football sort *and* the gun sort) on both teams. The attacking team attempts to advance the ball as far as possible before it's shot. When it's shot, it's turned over to the other side and each team switches: the attacking team puts its defending team on the field and vice versa, and the other team attempts to advance, until one team finally scores.   

       Other than these points, I think this is a very interesting idea. Instead of feet, attackers would have to protect their ball from shots--that would promote some exciting changes in technique, I imagine. But it'd also be an entirely different sport.
disbomber, Apr 10 2005

       I prefer soccer with gnus.
wagster, Apr 11 2005


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