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Tie-Breaking II

Reduce the number of players periodically during overtime
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In NHL hockey, I believe this is the case, they reduce the number of skaters from 5 to 4 in overtime. The idea being that the more open the game, the higher the likelihood of scoring a goal.

Reduce the number of soccer players on each side by one for every 10 minutes of overtime play. Eventually you are down to one-on-one, which is pretty much what the penalty shoot out is anyway.

Goesta Berling, Jan 19 2005


       You know I was determinined to not like this idea -- but the more I think about it -- the more I like it.   

       The only downside I can think of is (for soccor) the game would get pretty violent .. as players knew they were off the pitch in 2 minutes WHATEVER happened so may as well try and break someones leg before they go ...   

       Anyway .. +
britboy, Jan 19 2005

       OK, so they'll make it that in the case of a penalty, the penalty is passed to the next player on the offender's team. That would make for some interesting intra-team dynamics...
phundug, Jan 19 2005

       And, to make it more interesting, add the 'hot-potato' element: Every 5 minutes in overtime, a buzzer sounds, whoever's closest to the ball is the one who must leave.
sophocles, Jan 21 2005

       This is really good. Maybe two for each ten minutes. And maybe no adjustable goals.
wagster, Jan 21 2005

       I always liked to see games have a smooth, logical flow to their rule system. For example, bowling games have a 3-part final round specifically designed so that one can get a maximum score of 300. This idea is just another example of a smooth ending if you ask me.   

       Like [wagster] said though, you could always consider adjusting the numbers.   

       [sophocles]'s idea could also help select the players to be taken out. Then again, considering the difficulty of always calculating the players' distances, it might instead become -whoever touched the ball last-.
Albino Fox, Jan 23 2005

       Unless that is the goalie.   


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