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Social media deposit

Pay for your mistakes, profit from other people's
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Every person who wishes to post online has to put down a deposit. Perhaps £1000 might be a sensible amount.

You can put it on a credit card, or your bank may allow you to have it as an interest free overdraft so anyone can do it even if they are skint.

If you post anything defaming or false or malicious or hurtful some or all of your deposit will be forfeited (depending on how nasty you have been)

However if you falsely claim someone else's post is defaming false malicious or hurtful then some or all of your deposit will be forefeited instead.

Forefieted deposits will be used to pay for independent legal adjudication as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Misspelling words like forfetid will not be punishabel under this scheme. Only nastiness.

Be nice.

pocmloc, Apr 03 2022


       On one hand, I think you would see more than a 90% reduction in internet traffic costing mainstream media trillions in profit. (+)   

       On the other hand, you'd only have middle to upper class users remaining and that would be dreadfully boring. (-)   

       On the third hand, since a majority of hateful posts seem to be propaganda financed by various governments it would really hit them in the pocketbook too (+)   

       What can I say. I'm a handy guy.   

       So you want to reward the most oversensitive ninnies by punishing the people who hurt their feelings?
Voice, Apr 04 2022

       Recently I learned Arabic (actually, I upgraded my school day's knowledge) to be more friendly.   

       Then, after the four subsequent terror attacks last week, in each of which young bicycle riders were miraculously spared, I searched youtube to see what they are saying about it.   

       Found literally hundreds of different posts with gleeful music in the background, repeating the stabbing scene, of the young woman murdered when filling her car with gasoline at the station, or the shooting of the bicycle rider.   

       It seems some people enjoy this kind of stuf.   

       And nobody removes it. So I don't think the right guys will be paying for anything.   

       But I'm happy to see more people calling for a nicer web experience. So you get my vote. +.
pashute, Apr 04 2022

       [Voice] it would be legal-standard adjudication between the minnies and the blunt speakers. The minnies could stand to lose their deposit if they are too keen to shout hurt feelings.
pocmloc, Apr 04 2022

       //If you post anything.. hurtful//   

       I definitely do not support this sentiment or idea.The solution to hurt feelings is to grow a thicker skin.
Voice, Apr 04 2022


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