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Self Storage 2

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Social networking for people that too often grapple with the prospect of their imminent demise.

On this site you would post lists or descriptions of experiences that you anticipate never being able to experience, goals you will never achieve, things you will never get to do and the reasons why.

I was thinking if i were a philanthropist and wanted to change peoples lives where would i go to find a list of people whose dreams i could make come true.

vfrackis, Apr 02 2010


       make my wish .com?
Aristotle, Apr 02 2010

       found some lint in my navel yesterday, pretty sure nobody else cares. A Philanthropist might though.....
WcW, Apr 02 2010

       Are you gonna eat that?   

       I like this idea.
Mustardface, Apr 03 2010

       No-one said it had to be compulsory, [bigsleep]. Institutionalised philanthropy is just ... a philanthropic institution.
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 07 2010


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