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Tot Blogging

Spread your message using malleable children
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Rather than setting up a web journal to spew daily rants and social commentary, a new trend could be tot blogs.

By getting a job at a nursery or daycare (or anywhere that 2 to 5-year-olds hang out), you can speak openly about politics, entertainment, society and other topics.

The children will go back to their homes later and tell anyone who listens what you've said! "Daddy, Mr. Coyote said today that most 'publicans are closet homosexuals."

"Mommy, Mr. Coyote said that Paris Hilton is a low-life, no-talent slut, but that he would still tap it. What does that mean?"
wylie_coyote, Nov 08 2006

All she is saaaaying is give peace a chaaaaance. http://www.notinour...teacher-25jan06.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 09 2006]


       So, not a blog? Baked.
Shz, Nov 08 2006

       Poor taste, eat a bone.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 08 2006

       Not even an idea. Even Super Geniuses must have down days.
bungston, Nov 08 2006

       People, people... this is a really pregnant idea here! The implications of this are manifold. For example, we can leverage the power of familial networks in order to extend our influence, but in a more powerful way than in the writer/reader world. This is an illustration of how those around us are carrier waves for the truly visionary among our species and how we can use others to immortalize our very essence - our thoughts and ideas. What could be more noble than this?
wylie_coyote, Nov 08 2006

       mailable children eh? Interesting concept.
hidden truths, Nov 09 2006

       'luck with that. [link]   

       The publicans I know are gruff, earthy types with hairy shoulders and a penchant for stained singlets. So yeah, closet homosexuals.
Texticle, Nov 09 2006

       I think you'd need some kind of mind control device first... maybe tap your messages in subliminally with the Barney tapes or Teen Titans videos...
kdmurray, Nov 09 2006

       Don't teachers gotten fired for doing this very thing? Around here in a public school, when a teacher starts going overtly political, it seems that a parent complains. So bone. [-]
youngtimer, Nov 09 2006

       //how we can use others//   

       Not a promising place to start, ethically speaking.
pertinax, Nov 09 2006

       "Well, dear, that means that Mr. Coyote is a good judge of character but has no taste in women."
wagster, Nov 09 2006

       By the way, the 'comment' feature would be in tact in this form of biological journaling. The audience member could tell little Jayla, "Tell Mr. Coyote that Paris Hilton works very, very hard and that he's obviously jealous. Then ask him how many reality shows and movies <em>he's</em> been in."
wylie_coyote, Nov 09 2006


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