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Socket Utensils

Space saver & uh, ratchets are optional
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Homeowners! Apartment Dwellers! Campers! Ever wished you had a few socket handles and a bunch of business ends in your kitchen? With Socket Utensils, your prayers to the deity of your choice have been answered!

It cores apples!
It screws corks!
It scoops ice cream!
It picks ice!
It ladles liquids and soups!
It mallets meat!
It peels oranges!
It cuts pizza!
It mashes potatoes!
It spatulas!
It peels vegetables!
It whisks!
If you order now, you'll get the optional rotato-socket so you can even serve pie from any angle!
And much, much more!
thumbwax, Jul 10 2003


       uncork the champagne?
po, Jul 10 2003

       lights the candles?
FarmerJohn, Jul 10 2003

       picks your nose?
Jinbish, Jul 10 2003

       oh,no, please!!
po, Jul 10 2003

       For hygienic purposes, the nose picker could be a disposable attachment...
Jinbish, Jul 10 2003

       well, I *was* eating my lunch, cheers, jin.
po, Jul 10 2003

       I keep reading this as "it poops ice cream" and "it labels liquids and soups". Darn clever.
PeterSilly, Jul 10 2003

       darn? it darns socks?
po, Jul 10 2003

       po, in the grand scheme of things, I could have said worse - like Brussel sprout knife attachment... eww!
Jinbish, Jul 10 2003

       hey, it was a sprout sandwich :)
po, Jul 10 2003

       po, freshly picked?
bliss, with a single attachment?.. all at once?
(later: sorry, I'm being silly again)
Jinbish, Jul 10 2003

       It’ll go through the door, trust me.
You don't even have to open it.


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