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Most underrated idea (btc) - Return-your-rot.

Most overrated idea (btc) - The Ball that Counts

Generally, a disappointing lack of pastry, an overindulgence of ordinariness.

What is this life thing anyway?

Baking taking a pause while I become Petra.

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[Jun 24 2002, last modified Dec 03 2004]

 Alternative Route Signing
(+6, -5) Checkout Lanes for the Indecisive
 Emotional Distress Scale
 Funny Feet Corrector
(+2, -3) Grit Sprays
(+5, -6) Half-Mensa
(-1) Insta-Beard
(-1) Magnetic External Walls
(+7, -2) Moral Golf
(+7, -1) n-bladed razor
(+1) Narrowing Lawn Mower
(+3, -1) Return-your-rot
 Royal Raffle
 Stretch Hatchback
(+1) Tennis Buzzers
(+2) The Ball that Counts
 Travelator Golf
 Tribunals by Cetaceans
 Urbane Golf
 Vote for your Peers
 Wave-powered Submarine
 Windscreen Inside Wiper

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