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Socks statistics app

Social network app gathers statistics from the world about lost socks
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New research enabled by this app, into which you enter the number of sock pairs vs single socks coming out of each laundry batch.

A picture of the single socks after each batch automatically analyzed for size and color adds to the world mapping, and emerging trends can be deduced.

Of course the site gives you a visual map of the changes over time, and a good estimate as to what can be expected in the future.

This information could also be added to the disaster sites with google maps and correlations should be studied.

pashute, May 26 2014


       This is probably your best idea ever - including the future. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2014

       You should contact the NYSE concerning funding this effort. The Sock Exchange is always interested in the future of single socks, and analysis of trends various groups of socks.
popbottle, May 26 2014

       I never knew that the future was one of [pashute]'s ideas. Well done mate, I am really impressed at your work coming up with that one!
pocmloc, May 27 2014

       + Did anyone think that maybe an amputee only needs one?
xandram, May 28 2014

       big sleeps think differently. - I don't think its desirable to wear someone else's socks, even for the sake of saving the world's oceans.
pashute, May 28 2014

       My best idea or at least the most accepted one is DontSendTo   

       The two best but sadly unappreciated ideas of mine IMHO are the 'hell to heaven project' and 'Dictatorship happy ending'. They both got some votes but not enough, and did not stir up any practical discussion about how to make them happen.   

       I consider the 'back panel input device', 'silentalk', 'inland desalination' and 'RC Mailcars' (the beginning of a transportation revolution) as the most important inventions of mine, and I'm sure each of these four will some day become a reality.
pashute, May 28 2014


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