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Standard of living measurement

Measure standard of living and stick it in a time capsule
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How good were the good old days really? Would you actually prefer to live as a 1200's king or a 2011's peasant? How well could a king eat back then anyway given the period's transportation, logistics, and nutrition technology?

This set of measurements wouldn't answer those questions but when people of the 31st century come asking about these times they would be satisfied.

The idea is a record of various peoples' house size, number of pets, number of children vs desired number of children, number of people in the household, this sentence stuck here to mock those who will read the title and call baked because they couldn't be bothered to read the whole idea. quantity of food versus desired quantity, quality of food versus desired quality, thoughts about what makes life good, thoughts about what could make life better, and many other such things.

These statistics would be recorded in time capsules for the edification of future generations.
Voice, Jun 24 2011


       Your species calls this "television".
8th of 7, Jun 24 2011

       //this sentence stuck here to mock those who will read the title and call baked because they couldn't be bothered to read the whole idea.// Baked. Actually, + for effort.
csea, Jun 24 2011

       //Your species calls this "television"// no, actually we call it "archaeology": "television" is what people want other people to see.
FlyingToaster, Jun 25 2011

       there's the census, is that just a US thing? edit: no, it is world wide
dentworth, Jun 25 2011

       and every year at the census bureau they have the You'll Never Guess What They Use As Ink contest to tide them over 'til the next one.
FlyingToaster, Jun 25 2011

       Tastes change. There's a sentence in Mrs Grieves, written in the 'twenties, which says people can't tolerate cumin because it's so disgusting. As a result, i think this is very hard.
nineteenthly, Jun 30 2011

       Tolerance for cumin has increased significantly since the twenties.
rcarty, Jun 30 2011

       //Tolerance for cumin has increased significantly since the twenties//
Howard Carter discovered Toot'n'cumin in 1922.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 30 2011

       //Howard Carter discovered Toot'n'cumin in 1922.//
But it was only in 1923 after some experimentation that he figured which to put up his nose and which to put in the stew.
I'll get me coat....
gnomethang, Jun 30 2011

       You'll need more than your coat, after that one, ['thang]. Better pack a valise.
mouseposture, Jun 30 2011

gnomethang, Jul 01 2011

       It's the *thoughts* that count. One's thought about something changes it significantly in either direction without changing the subject / object itself in any way...
I like cumin, but not by itself.
xandram, Jul 01 2011


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