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Spacetime Wave Pool

All the fun of a wave pool crossed with the mysterious thrill of a black hole!
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All this talk of the LHC possibly making micro black holes has set me a-thinking. If we can make these little black holes, why not use them to warp spacetime for our own personal edification, particularly a wave pool! Imagine a gigantic particle accelerator smashing together particles with enough force to create a micro black hole which will exist for only a fraction of a second before dissipating. If we can get our frequencies down we can create these black holes in such a way as to make waves in spacetime which will then propagate outwards. Outside of the collision chamber of the particle accelerator is a large pit filled with (wealthy) patrons (I mean really, would we let poor people do this?) who will experience the curious effect of warped time, space, and mass. Oh the amusement! For double your pleasure you can set up another particle accelerator who's wave production can be adjusted relative to the first one to create either constructive or destructive interference, giving rise to complex regions of spacetime warping that would make movement across the local area quite interesting indeed!
Postscript, Mar 09 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine http://www.youtube....watch?v=4DCFPS58KYY
[jaksplat, Mar 09 2010]


       Does my bum look big in this warped space?
hippo, Mar 09 2010

       sortof a lazy way to build a rollercoaster; don't even bother with curved tracks, just hang blackholes here and there.
FlyingToaster, Mar 09 2010

       The warp and weft of her bikini top strained suggestively at the ministrations of the singularities inexorable pull. Just one more second, only a single brief instant of time stood between a glorious unvieling and all the proof of causality I would ever require...
...and that's how I lost my big toe.

       For small singularities, the gravity gradients will be fearsomely steep, and the tidal forces in close proximity will be extreme ...   

       <quick calculation>   


       What a good idea ! Well done, [Postscript] ! Go on then, you first ...
8th of 7, Mar 09 2010

       Bad science. The black hole created in an accelerator would have less mass than a flea, so there would be no warped space to experience.
ldischler, Mar 09 2010

       So, 1000 synchronised accelerators.
pocmloc, Mar 09 2010


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