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Soda Can Condom

Cover soda can tops with a protective peel-off film
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I am tired of trying to clean off all the crap that gets stuck in that little channel on my soda cans. Stuff also seems nearly impossible to wipe from that little groove cut for the opening. I'm not worried about rat feces or hanta virus, I just want to know the area I am putting my lips to is clean. Why don't soda manufacturers, put a peel off plastic seal over the tops of soda cans? It could be easily biodegradable. I know I could just buy plastic bottles, but I like crushing those aluminum cans on my head.
nimbenja, Apr 15 2004


       Worry about rat feces.
bungston, Apr 15 2004

       Wow, think about the hidden agenda (sex ed)! Schools could stock their soda vending machines with Codominium (c) brand soda (don't even bother - I've already acquired the copyright) with a "reusable" roll-off prophylactic seal. The kids would buy their sodas at school, pocket their "soda can seal" for later disposal, and be prepared for that weekend party! Kids, too embarrassed to buy their necessities from the local drug store, could just buy a soda! Teenage pregnancies would go down, STD rates would be decimated .. give this guy a NOBEL!
mountainman, Apr 15 2004

       //clean off all the crap that gets stuck in that little channel//
But that's where all the vitamins are!
Amos Kito, Apr 15 2004

       I don't want to worry you but rats piss over them as they run along...   

       sorry bung, didn't see you hiding up there.   

       neat idea, I like it!
po, Apr 15 2004

       Of course I was kidding about not worrying about the feces. I try to keep my mouth far from any fecal matter.
nimbenja, Apr 15 2004


       Either they are going to have to decrease the size of the top of the can, or market to only those consumers who need "Magnum" sizes.
nimbenja, Apr 15 2004

       A "Candom" is a roll-on foam wrapper to keep cold cans cold. The idea here is to put an individual peel-off protective layer over the top of a soda can to keep it clean.   

       I've gotten plenty of soda cans from vending machines that I've had to wash before I was willing to drink from. Big (+) from me.
Freefall, Apr 15 2004

       it would be so easy to glue a circle of cellophane onto the top of the can!
po, Apr 15 2004

       They could just attach a free sponge to the side of the can. Free sponge included!
phundug, Apr 15 2004

       what do we do with this free sponge?
po, Apr 15 2004

       Most of this nastiness could be avoided by stacking the cans upside down. How to get the stores to do that? Easy, print the labels upside down.
ldischler, Apr 15 2004

       [po] I'm sure it will come with instructions and effectiveness rates.
Worldgineer, Apr 15 2004

       so you'll have both a plastic peel and an aluminium cap. double the packing, double the fun !
sweet, Apr 15 2004

       [mountainman], what you're saying was introduced by seinfeld. he imagined a secret sign to the pharmacist, so that he'll give you other products along with the prophylactics, without you pronouncing the word, or without anyone else notincing your purchase.   

       nice idea, though
sweet, Apr 15 2004

       researching that would weil away some time.
po, Apr 16 2004

       Very nice, that's why I drink my drinks from a bottle...that I bring myself. Would use more cans straight if they had these though. +++
sartep, Apr 16 2004

       I don't *think* so, Zanzibar!
po, Apr 16 2004

       Coca Cola tastes like rats piss anyway.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004

       Not a bad idea.
nomadic_wonderer, Apr 16 2004

       "Sealed for your protection." Locks-in freshness, Blocks-out rat feces. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 16 2004

       "If you're going to write a comedy scene, you're going to have some rat feces in there"   

       /Mr Show
Mr Burns, Apr 16 2004

       <sniff> I think you got that wrong too!
po, Apr 16 2004

       Oh, i see, wow my mind was somewhere else. + anyway
whatastrangeperson, Apr 16 2004

       Just wondering why you would want to have sex with a soda can...?
DrCurry, Apr 16 2004

       Great idea! Big, big thumbs up! Only downside I could possibly envision (aside from a small cost) is the million $$ lawsuit over the kid who chokes on one of these.
booleanfool, Apr 16 2004

       Great. Another piece of consumer waste to clog the landfills.
mackerm, Apr 17 2004

       I worked for a Coca Cola distributor for about a year. Big (+) from me. The flats get stepped on, sat on, stacked in the back of a truck that may or may not have been hosed out in awhile, and unless it's bought by the flat, has been handled in order to be shelved in the cooler or popped into the vending machine.
The delivery guys are not surgeons and most times don't wash their hands between each stop.
They should be cleaned at least as well as your veggies.

       It "could be easily biodegradable" - but it won't be. I am still waiting for all those biodegradable crisp packets and carrier bags to happen. This would be yet more packaging litter.   

       On a slightly different rant, we *need* dirt and germs. Its what trains our immune systems. If its not killing you its making you stronger.
k9island, Apr 17 2004

       Lick the top clean, then open and drink.
FarmerJohn, Apr 17 2004

       And by the way, welcome to the bakery, nimbenja. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Apr 17 2004

       [Picturing k9island sitting in his/her garden, surrounded by huge piles of crisp packets and carrier bags, patiently waiting for them to decompose.]
DrCurry, Apr 17 2004

       Actually [DrCurry] your image is fairly accurate. The local moor hens have been using them as nesting material. Right now I can see several of them happily sitting on large piles of crisp packets they have gathered from the local area. They don't like carrier bags though.
k9island, Apr 17 2004

       But I thought soda cans were supossed to be eaten whole...
finflazo, Apr 17 2004

       Re: "consumer waste"   

       I am a big believer in getting to the root of the problem. More litter is not the problem ... more consumers are. Stop having babies dammit.
nimbenja, May 05 2004

       why dont we put the can...in a can. a can-can... oh the french have already baked that... zut alors!!!
etherman, May 05 2004


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