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Soda Flavor Capsules

Add more flavor for your soda
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They are sodas that have extra flavors, like cherry or vanilla, but they aren't available anywhere, there also soda dispensers that add flavors too, but only some restaurants have it.

This idea is about flavor capsules, it would come with flavors like vanilla, cherry, lemon, peach and some others, you add one to your soda and it would add more flavor to it, it would work with any brand of soda, and maybe other drinks as well.

appdirect, Jun 26 2014

The original http://www.fizzies.com/fizzies-blog/
If you were really brave you would just hold one under your tongue till it almost ate through it. Yummy [blissmiss, Jun 27 2014]


       I saw flavour tablets somewhere, once, for water. They may even have added fizz.   

       Nowadays, it's squirt bottles like MiO. (I salvaged an empty MiO bottle to use as a hand-sanitizer dispenser. I cleaned it several times. It *reeks* of the flavor, still --- there is no way that I am drinking MiO.)
baconbrain, Jun 26 2014

       It's a good plan but there are flavour packets rather widely available for adding to bottled water. Liquid is the best for that though so the CO2 doesn't nucleate on the powder.
FlyingToaster, Jun 27 2014

       //Liquid is the best for that though so the CO2 doesn't nucleate on the powder.// I has kind of assumed the capsules would contain syrup. Modular, easily handled, and wouldn't go bad as fast as the big syrup bottles. [+]
Voice, Jun 27 2014


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