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Soda du Jour

Sample creative flavors and vote for your favorite
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Why should soup alone enjoy the privilege of being changed every day, while the same old soft drinks are dispensed from machines? Why should chefs be the only ones to exercise their creativity daily with new recipes and concoctions? Teams of eager flavor chemists sit idle with ideas for new soft drink flavors and colors!

Imagine a spot at your local soda fountain next to the staples of fizzy drinks, which changes as soon as the single syrup bag is consumed. Each batch will be one-of-a-kind, and assigned a different name and identifying serial number. On the dispenser, a mix number will identify the particular blend.

In any restaurant participating in the Soda du Jour program, each paper cup can have a write-in spot so customers can record the number and later post their ratings on a weblink printed on the cup. Servers can also distribute a card with similar fields to dine-in customer who don't take a cup with them.

What's on tap this week? Blue berry? Green mint? Maybe a fruity purple power drink! Or, just maybe, on some beautiful rare day, bubble-gum flavored soda will return to the taps. It won't be difficult to sort through the huge list of failed or partially successful flavor ideas for combinations that will make customers happy, at least for a short run"

Blue-moon Clove and cardamom drink, reminiscent of kulfi served in India Violet Clove Citrus Pineapple Licorice Bitters / old fashioned Apple Vanilla cream Watermelon Willow Sage Chamomile Cinnamon Blueberry Flavors from heart-shaped valentine candies Marshmallow Ginseng Sorghum Honey Cranberry Roasted corn (a la Korean corn tea) Maple

Who knows? Maybe beverage suppliers will stumble upon some new combination that customers enjoy. At the very least, limited edition blends will keep adventurous customers guessing and keep them coming back. Reserving a spot for the Soda du Jour will avoid the risk of introducing a big flop, since they don't need to repeat a particular flavor. However, if a response to the website is strong enough, they could repeat it a few more times to see if the trend continues.

Similar, but now with entirely new flavors to track

squirrelecule, Jul 26 2010

Random Soda Random_20Soda
[squirrelecule, Jul 26 2010]

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       I see niche potential, i.e. aromatherapy soda rotations including but not limited to lavender, pine and patchouli as a nice adjunct to the fresh carrot and wheatgrass juice at the health food store
Terrie, Jul 26 2010

       [+] "Today's Special..."
FlyingToaster, Jul 26 2010

       People may simply hate the unwarranted flavor, just to hate something. It will help them in their subsequent choice (coke or sprite (or the like)). Money may be lost due to this mechanism [].
daseva, Jul 26 2010

       Whilst bordering on a *flavor* idea, it might be nice to have *drink du jour* as I don't drink soda and never have. (even as kid) I would like a wider range of drinks to be offered, as I usually end up just getting water. So, I'll bun. +
xandram, Jul 26 2010

       Soup is soup and soda soda.   

       You can mix your own combination at some fast food joints like "Jack in the Box" where patrons are handed an empty cup to fill with ice and soda will they wait for their order inside.   

       A machine with A dial of 50 different syrups does not seem a big stretch in that situation.
popbottle, Mar 31 2014

       Hey! This Caramel Oregano tastes kinda like chicken...   

       <uh-oh! Did I just start a list???>
Canuck, Mar 31 2014

       And my all time favorite, tomato walnut.
normzone, Mar 31 2014

       Habanero raspberry cinnamon with a splash of oak casket and mildew might burn a nice little chemical trepanning through the skull.
skoomphemph, Mar 31 2014


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