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Solar AirTower Park

solar powered low-power vertical wind tunnel playground
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a low power vertical wind tunnel with an expanded floor that has a lot of plastic moguls made out of a screen of plastic so that the wind can come through the floor but the plastic will support playground attendees who can jump from the moguls and fly around in the air, playing with gravity.

If you jumped high enough you would be sucked right into the sky.

The wind tunnel can be solar powered, with a solar pannel screen dome powering a giant wind sucking propellor that would pull air through the hour glass shaped wind tunnel so that the playground below couls support playground attendees jumping around a planetary landscape screen.

These could be made really gigantic and support thousands of people flying around in the air.

You would have to have heavy padding and speed limits.

Elon Musk could fund it.

If it failed it might become a people volcano.

JesusHChrist, Feb 23 2017


       plastic moguls?   

       Tamerlane is probably available via ouija board.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 24 2017

       This sounds very much like a regular vertical windtunnel, as used for indoor "skydiving", only bigger.   

       If so, all well and good but be aware that these things are definitely not "low power" - they need huge amounts of power, even for a flying area a few metres across, and even though the air is often recirculated so that its momentum is not wasted.   

       Adults need a windspeed of about 120-150mph (depending on how they're flying). Children would need a lower speed (since their terminal velocity is lower), but not _that_ much lower.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2017

       [+] it has to make a "foomp" sound when the kids shoot out of the top.   

       //low power// I fail to see the attraction.
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2017

       Low power in the sense that the airflow it is not strong enough to allow people to fly except with the addition of semirigid wing structures that could be prototyped in this environment.
JesusHChrist, Feb 24 2017

       So... it's not a child entertainment/disposal system ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2017


       " Elon Musk could fund it "
normzone, Feb 24 2017


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