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Solar Bubble Pool Heater

Use a Solar Bubble Pump to heat a pool
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Start with a swimming pool.

Somewhere nearby, build a support structure, 25 to 30 feet tall.

On top of this support structure, place all the components of a solar bubble pump [link] except the heat exchanger, and a small PV powered vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump draws water from the pool into the heater, and gravity ensures that the water pressure is low enough for the solar bubble pump to function.

goldbb, Mar 22 2010

Solar Bubble Pump http://www.bubbleac...system_overview.htm
[goldbb, Mar 22 2010]


       It's an interesting idea and product. The makers of the Solar Bubble Pump actually mention using the pump to heat pools in their link's literature [refer to the second paragraph of their "Services" page], so this may not qualify as a new invention.
jurist, Mar 22 2010

       Although they mention that their product could be used to heat a pool, I'm fairly sure that there would be a heat exchanger, moving heat from the solar thermal fluid to the pool water.   

       This idea does away with the heat exchanger, by running the pool water through the system directly.
goldbb, Mar 23 2010


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