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Sake Hot Tub

for the hardcore partier w/money to spare(Paris Hilton)
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The idea is simple. Fill your hot tub with sake and drink in a blink. I'm not positive but I beleive that you would need a special hot tub so no water can ruin the fun when you turn the jets. And if a special tub must be bought then they might as well have shot glass holders convenietly located so there is no backwash when someone goes to take a sip. Another requirement would be a nearby shower so those who dare to enter can shower before and after the fun. You dont have to note that this would be hard on the wallet b/c Ialready know that.
falmingtoe, Jun 30 2004

Bristol Hilton http://www.ukroomse...istol-Hilton-Hotel/
[angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Well, that would certainly solve this problem...... http://www.halfbake...eating_20sake_20cup
.......but sake is too yummy to waste in this manner [normzone, Oct 04 2004]


       I think it'd kill you. Not sure, though. What is the typical alcohol content of Sake?
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       Certainly enough for this to kill you.
harderthanjesus, Jun 30 2004

       Who knows but I do think that Paris is a nice name. Less so Wolverhampton.
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       You're spoze to wash before getting into a japanese bath anyway, so this would, in a kinda sorta way, fit with the culture. My only problem is that sake tastes like something very horrible. Now an ice cold Kirin Ichiban bath I might go for.
calum, Jun 30 2004

       There are lots of different flavours of sake. None of which should be wasted in some sweaty persons bath.

What I really want to know is how did Paris evolve from a boys name (see The Illiad) into a girls name, eh?
DrBob, Jun 30 2004

       The reason it would kill you [contracts] is because the alcohol would evaporate first. Breathing pure alcohol isn't good for you. Unless you stayed in the tub for a very brief time...
harderthanjesus, Jun 30 2004

       Maybe the "special" thing about the hot tub is that it has vents around the edge sucking large quantities of air so that the alcohol vapor doesn't build up too much. I'm not sure if it would be worth it to condense the vapor and recycle the alcohol.
scad mientist, Jun 30 2004

       This would work perfectly well. If anyone thinks the vapour would kill them, I suggest putting a glass of sake/sherry/any fortified wine-type drink in a bain-marie of blood temperature water. It's entirely innocuous. In fact, a lot of sake is drunk warm and it doesn't stop you getting drunk (i.e. the alcohol hasn't evaporated).   

       I think there are 2 main problems that would stop me wanting to do this:   

       1) I prefer my sake cold 2) If I wanted hot sake in a hot tub (which would be lovely, and which I've had a few times), it's so much easier to take a little wooden bucket into the tub, which you can fill with tub-water and use to heat up your sake and keep it afloat   

       But these are just my aesthetic preferences. There's no reason why the sake hot tub couldn't be the next big party thing
ivanhoe, Jun 30 2004

       I wasn't thinking of the vapor, I was thinking of alcohol in contact with that much skin. I was also assuming sake had a much higher alcohol concentration.
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       Alcohol + body orifices not designed for ingestion = ouch!
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2004


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