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Single Bubble Pool

A swimming pool with a bubble that will burst
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This pool is deep and circular, lightly cone-shaped. At the bottom is a bubble generator, that spews out one giant bubble of air at a time.

The swimmer dives down, and grabs two straps with his arms, so that he remains in a fixed position, right above the generator.

By pulling the straps, a huge bubble bubbles up. The swimmer releases himself inside it and travels up. As he arrives at the surface, the bubble bursts.

-This pool will be marketed especially to wealthy stock brokers and bankers, at least during their bullish cycle, when their profits are big enough to buy this very expensive pool.

-Amazing footage of dolphins playing with and enjoying their own toroidal vortices [link], is used in this marketing campaign.

django, Jul 01 2012

Fantastic footage of dolphins playing with their own air bubbles http://www.youtube....Gq7AZk&feature=fvst
At least they know their bubbles will burst. [django, Jul 01 2012]

Nude_20Bubble_20Gym_20of_20Death [hippo, Jul 04 2012]

The South Sea Bubble http://en.wikipedia...i/South_Sea_Company
No compressed air, hot or otherwise, required. [8th of 7, Jul 04 2012]


       // The swimmer releases himself inside it and travels up.   

       Why wouldn't the swimmer, now supported by nothing, just fall through?
tatterdemalion, Jul 01 2012

       //Why wouldn't the swimmer, now supported by nothing, just fall through?//   

       Indeed, you need some initial movement. I forgot to mention that he makes an upward movement when he pulls and pushes down the strings. A movement that propels him upwards, right before he gets trapped by the bubble. But that's the sport of it: you need to learn to coordinate that movement.   

       **What is more: even if the physics of the thing don't work, we can still trick stock brokers into buying it. They love start-ups, even if they're worthless! Bubbles they need, and bubbles they can get.
django, Jul 01 2012

       You could insert stock markets, or property booms, one in each of the bubbles, as a metaphor for something or other.
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       You shouldn't sell yourself short, [bigsleep].
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       I wouldn't try to speculate on that.
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       Similar idea linked, but with added nudity and peril.
hippo, Jul 04 2012


       Thankfully, today's investors are not so venal, credulous, greedy, foolish, gullible and stupid ...
8th of 7, Jul 04 2012

       Ah, so your Voices are particularly loud and insistent today too, [bigs] ?
8th of 7, Jul 04 2012


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