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air hockey style travelator
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[neilp] acknowledges the genius of [bristolz] for reminding him of the air hockey phenomenon

Replace travelators (booooring) with air hockey style walkways, at each end is a repository for trays which you can borrow for the journey. Just place your tray on the travelairter, and do a little running jump and away you go.
neilp, Oct 10 2003

inspiration http://www.halfbake..._20Sweeper_2fBlower
see [bristolz] anno [neilp, Oct 04 2004]


       maybe add a large fan at the running end of the travelairtor to give extra horizontal momentum.
jonthegeologist, Oct 10 2003

       [jtg] - could just introduce directional nozzles if that's your game
neilp, Oct 10 2003

       Alternative everyone should wear wide flat shoes for increased stability. Though that's a Let's All and therefore invalid.
hazel, Oct 10 2003

       and special shoes for pets
neilp, Oct 10 2003

       Sit on your horizontal suitcase.
Ling, Feb 13 2006

       actually, i think it would be better to tie the trays toghether. then the air wouuld turn the thing, so there is less friction and would go faster than normal moving sidewalk.
FireElf, Jul 21 2006


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