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Solar Stickers

photovoltaic pseudocells
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Sick and tired of people flipping you the bird while out driving your Hummer? Annoyed with pesky environmentalists picketing your mansion, screaming that you are changing the climate? Desperate to one-up your neighbors?

NHOBO Industries proudly introduces Solar Stickers, a simple way to solve all these problems and make you envy of Greens without any effort at all. Simply apply our patented photovoltaic pseudocells to the roof, hood and sides of your H1, Chevy Subdivision, Cadillac Ejaculade or other land yacht and you will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Best of all, our Solar Stickers will save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to an actual solar conversion. For our low price of only $69.95 you will receive 12 square feet of self-adhesive Solar Stickers and an application kit complete with instructions, razor blade and squeegee. Purchase now and we will throw in at no extra cost a NHOBO EXPERIMENTAL VEHICLE sticker.

Coming soon: PseudoSolar Roof Shingles

nuclear hobo, Jun 30 2007

alternative green car http://www.maniacworld.com/grass-car.jpg
[Ling, Jun 30 2007]

real ones are much better http://www.engadget...olar-powered-prius/
[xandram, Jul 02 2007]


       [+] Perhaps you could also launch a range of pseudo-wind turbines? I'd like mine to be full size, and driven by a huge motor. That way, my turbine can be seen spinning ecologically even when there's no wind. Plus, I'd enjoy a cool breeze on those hot muggy days.I'd also like a pseudo-tidal- energy device along the same lines, though its power requirements may be daunting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2007

       I guess you could take this even further, and have a faux recycling bin that goes out with the trash. A service could come and refill it with new materials every week.
normzone, Jun 30 2007

       Even better if they actually worked, and charged up the battery of the GM "light" hybrid.
elhigh, Jul 02 2007

       Immoral but funny. Neutral.
wagster, Jul 02 2007

       Is that an active neutral or a passive neutral?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2007

       It's probably the gear that he's in.
skinflaps, Jul 02 2007

       Passive. But the end result is the same.
wagster, Jul 02 2007

       Bun, this is at least better than stick-on bullet holes and "my child is an honor student at Calvin Coolidge Middle School". And don't get me started about Truck Nuts ... [MaxwellBuchanan] and [normzone] above show that there is a huge untapped market for faux-green merchandise, especially now that carbon credits have lost their luster.
batou, Jul 02 2007


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