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Solar sun shaded cars

that roll down the windows just like in Punisher
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Yes I know, I'm skirting dangerously close to WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR, however, in the Punisher, it was bullet proof, not solar.

The idea is a car that, when parked, deployed a sunshade to block the front and rear glass, with solar panelling. The solar panels would slide down the glass kinda like an automatic garage door.

In addition to charging a battery, the solar plating can run an air conditioner, to keep the interior of the car cool. It would be a big seller in Arizona, and it may save lives if the owner should accidently leave his baby in the back seat for too long.

Madai, Aug 03 2004

Solar Auto Vent http://www.kopes.co...-air-circulator.htm
Partial solution to the problem described. Doesn't protect the upholstery or dash from sun-fade, however. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Full car cover http://www.calcarco...com/cover_find.aspx
Protects the whole car, just add the shooting and pulling system [PauloSargaco, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Peltier Junction (get yours today...) http://www.sciplus....ry.cfm?category=155
quick look at the technology. [DadManWalking]

Peltier Junction long form http://jchemed.chem...996/Oct/abs940.html
get out your pocket protector and soldering iron.. [DadManWalking, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Peltier Junction long form http://jchemed.chem...996/Oct/abs940.html
get out your pocket protector and soldering iron.. [DadManWalking, Oct 04 2004]


       We here in Arizona have reflective shades that we almost always put in the windshield when we park our cars. Some higher end cars come with an optional rear window shade that deploys automatically. However, if you could figure out an aesthetically acceptable, mechanically reliable way to deploy a shade from the outside of the car, you'd be on to a winner. I'd probably buy it. It might take more solar panel than that to run an air conditioner, but even enough airflow to keep the car at ambient temperature would be appreciated.
half, Aug 03 2004

       bwv61, even though it's illegal, mistakes happen. And yes, I dunno how efficient the cooling would be, but some is better than none, I figure.
Madai, Aug 03 2004

       How does ventilating the interior with the car closed help the cooling of the car? It will probably make the temperature more homogeneous but unless there is air exchanged with the outside I can't see any cooling happening. I find that parking the car facing the sun, with one of those reflective shades on the front windshield, associated with leaving the roof window tilted achieves the best results.   

       The idea is cool, though (+).
PauloSargaco, Aug 04 2004

       The idea is nice, but I have a feeling its been baked somewhere. You would need to have the shades outside the glass to make them more effective. Also, its not just the glass that needs shading, but even the metal body - probably more so.
(+) Nonetheless.
energy guy, Aug 04 2004

       If the whole car needs to be covered, why not create a system where one of those more than baked full car covers (see link) is shot in the air folded like a parashoot, then it opens and falls over the car, guided by four strings that are being pulled by as many small electrical winches, covering the whole car in a very batman like way?
PauloSargaco, Aug 05 2004

       I left a plastic ball pen under the windshield and left the car in the sun, the plastic melted and I don't want to think about the mess the ink did. A reflective body and mirrored windows and windshield help, but not much when temps go up to 53ºC. So the solar panel (best if it covers all the car) powering a kinda air conditioning unit seems a good idea to me. Bun.
finflazo, Aug 06 2004

       Panels these days are more than efficient enough to power the car's A/C unit. You just don't hear about it, because the Man doesn't want you to.   

       Panels in the windows = more achievable and feasable than panels about the car. Plus, it might be cool to watch them come down.   

shapu, Aug 06 2004

       I wonder if you couldn't separate the tasks. silver, lightweight auto deploying curtains for the windows and solar panels integrated into the roof (less visible esp for taller SUVs) to power exhaust fans/ peltier junction cooler. (oh do look at peltier junctions they are just plain cool (inadvertant pun, sorry)...(linky)
DadManWalking, Aug 06 2004

       another thought on the peltier junction as an element of this system. If there was condensation on the cool side it could be gathered during a pause cycle and pumped to misters on the roof. This "elephant style" cooling, assuming a good water source, is pretty strong.
DadManWalking, Aug 07 2004

       Oi! Mister! Get Orf moi roof afore I shoot 'E!
gnomethang, Aug 07 2004

       Semi-interesting. Might make the interior plastics less expensive to manufacture by allowing a grade that is susceptible to sunlight. Currently high-sunload components, like the dash, have additives to combat fade.   

       Many cars these days have pull-down sunshades that might accomplish much of the same.
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2004


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