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Solve the Collatz Problem with Wave Mechanics

Who knows, Maybe?
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Ok, so I noticed a similarity between the waves on the surface of my dogs water bowl as I filled it as cataloged in the original linked idea. I realized as I was filling the bowl again the other day that its not the fluid dynamics which produce those patterns, but the wave interference. Perhaps the wave mechanics could be applied to the stated problem to find a solution.

I'm expecting bones on this one, but I'm not an advanced enough mathematician to know how to apply this similarity, but perhaps someone out there is.

bleh, Aug 30 2007

A plot of stopping times for the Collatz Problem http://www.cs.cmu.e...cs/Collatz-stop.jpg
notice the similarity to wave interference patterns [bleh, Aug 30 2007]

Similar wave interference http://www.colorado...es/interference.gif
[bleh, Aug 30 2007]

My first idea solve_20the_20Colla..._20fluid_20dynamics
which didnt make much sense [bleh, Aug 30 2007]


       //how can something so visually obvious still be unobtainable//   

       God, Its good to know I'm not alone!   

       Thanks for your annos on both the ideas. I knew it was a long shot, and, being so visually obvious, I figured there was a reason it wouldn't work, but hey, at least I'm thinking.
bleh, Aug 30 2007

       I suppose you didn't, and there's no reason that I know of to say it wont. Lets make it happen Lt_! I just started my first Computer Science class at GATech, and I have a little script that tests whatever number you put in to see if it resolves to one. So far they all do (of course). I know testing random numbers wont solve the problem, but it was an interesting project to get familiarized with MatLab.   

       I'm going to continue building the script throughout the semester to see if I cant make any headway (not likely, many people much smarter than I have already tackled the problem to no avail. There's not a Million Dollar prize for solving it for no reason.)
bleh, Aug 31 2007


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