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solve the Collatz Problem with fluid dynamics

there is some pattern similarity
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I was filling up my dog's water bowl the other day and i noticed the surface of the water taking on a topography that looked extraordinarily similar to a graph of the Collatz Problem number of steps to get to zero.

I dont know the math be hind all of this, or how to begin drawing a comparison mathematically [yet], but i know many problems have been solved by comparing seemingly unrelated things.

so maybe a comparison could be drawn between a cross section of the surface of water being driven into a whirlpool by a downward and angled jet (kitchen sprayer) in a conical cross section about 6 inches deep.

I know im probably not explaining this well, so please anno and ill try to answer any questions.

bleh, Sep 25 2006

Collatz Problem http://mathworld.wo...CollatzProblem.html
[bleh, Sep 25 2006]

Impress your friends... http://lawrencehall...t/whatparoftsh.html
Show off your knowledge of fluid dynamics and the Navier-Stokes equations with this fine T-shirt. [jurist, Sep 26 2006]


       You say this as if we have a full understanding of fluid dynamics.
Shz, Sep 26 2006

       Eratosthenes is a funny name for a dog, [bigsleep].
pertinax, Sep 26 2006

       //Fluid dynamics is a pretty tricky field in which there are some unanswered questions.// There's an appropriate T-shirt that you can wear to impress your friends with your command of the subject. [Link] Certainly worked for my rather bright fourth grade nieces.
jurist, Sep 26 2006


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