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Tackling Your Aquarium

fishless fishing
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Here’s a new fun gizmo you can mount on your aquarium after all your guppies have gone belly up. It lends a magical touch of shimmering color and movement without the drudgery of feeding and cleaning. The motorized unit has arms that rotate at different radii and directions over the water surface to troll a variety of radiant lures that bob and spin with glittering hooks below the waves.

Besides the included collection of spoons, jigs and spinners, you can add your own favorite flashers, dodgers, teasers and glowworms. The deluxe model features a tiny casting rod to whip a feathered fly back and forth up to a meter before depositing it gently within the aquarium walls.

FarmerJohn, Dec 19 2004

Moral Implications of Owning Fish http://www.aquartic...nce_Essentials.html
Just read the first paragraph, beginning with "Your first aquarium should never be an impulse buy." [tiromancer, Dec 19 2004]



       I've found that the little submarines that are supposed to be powered by baking soda can bob around quite convincingly under the power of an aerating powerhead. The trick is to put some fake plants around the filter, so they can't get stuck behind it.   

       If you don't use the baking soda, you might be able to keep them with real fish, without the danger of a number of sharp hooks in the tank.   

       I think I see one of your dead guppies in the future...
ye_river_xiv, Jun 15 2006


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