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VCR w/AM-FM Radio

A VCR with an AM/FM radio built-in.
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A VCR with an AM/FM radio built-in. It would be able to record up to 8 hrs. of radio programs while traveling.
pwasson, Aug 09 2002


       This is half-baked in that I can feed the output of my stereo tuner into the audio inputs of my VCR. As you point out, using LP or EP modes, up to 8 hours of audio can be recorded, in bite size chunks. You can't change channels - but since I only ever listen to Radio 4 it's not a problem. Croissant.
8th of 7, Aug 09 2002

       What 8th said. When I worked on special events radio stations all our output was routed through to a VCR so that we had an auditable copy in case of any complaints.
PeterSilly, Aug 09 2002

       Hmm.. you'd need to have it so that you could record audio on the video parts of the tape - but that shouldn't be too hard...
yamahito, Aug 09 2002

       Hey 8th of 7, why do you only listen to radio four? Theres loads of good stuff on all sorts of (admittedly usually non-commercial) stations. Like anything else tho', you do have to wade thru' loads of rubbish to find the gems. Or are you just showing off? And pwasson, why don't you put a radio in your car (or pocket) then you can listen to it AS you travel. Does anyone still have a VCR? Why??
briandamage, Aug 22 2002

       To 8th of 7: With your idea, the programmable timer can't change radio stations the way a VCR can change TV stations. To briandamage: What if you live in LA and travel to NY? You ask, "Does anyone still have a VCR? Why??" They are cheap!
pwasson, Mar 14 2003


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