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Song Finisher Fob

"I'm sailing away.... set a course for the..."
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Pardon the obligatory South Park reference in the subtitle. This idea is actually for noise that unintentionally sounds like a familiar song.

</rant> My Tivo, possibly a first gen, maybe second, I dont know if they still do this, has sounds that play indicating what function you have just pushed on the remote. There is a sound for the guide, the Tivo menu, and for fast forward and rewind. There are three speeds of FF and RW. This is my problem. The sound it makes for FF is two notes ascending, ba dum. If I hit this button three times in succession, the Tivo goes "ba dum ba dum ba dum" with each successive "ba dum" being higher in pitch that the preceding one, which happens to be the exact rhythm and notes for the beginning of pop goes the weasel. Now I'm left having to hum the rest of the song to make my ears stop twitching. </rant>

Now on to the idea:

A keychain sized fob with a few programmable buttons. when depressed, the fob will play whatever sounds you have downloaded into it.

I know what you're thinking: "wow this sounds like a voice recorder keychain, lets MFD: widely known to exist"

Here's the difference. With purchase, you are entitled to 4 free downloads of the most commonly half finished songs. The website has a database of commonly encountered half finished songs from which to choose. These will include the beginning to AC/DC's back in black, and other songs partially used to avoid copyright infringement.

If you encounter a new device that sounds like a song and is driving you crazy, there is a requests section of the page which allows you to post your irritant and have the website composers create an end to your annoyance by competing your song in key and with the same timbre.

Example, the dot-matrix printer at your work sounds eerily like the Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite #1 when you print your contracts. You can post a sound recording. The composers will take samples from a dot-matrix printer and finish out the piece, or at least take it to a point where it resolves, so you're not in the middle of a passage when it cuts off.

bleh, May 17 2007

Scaner that plays a song http://hackedgadget...scanjet-music-hack/
Imagine if it stopped halfway through. [bleh, May 21 2007]


       this must not be a common problem. Is it just me?
bleh, May 18 2007

       yeah, i think it might just be you.
jhomrighaus, May 19 2007

       Now, I've got that tune stuck in my head.   

       //Baked... Just saw the commercial for Verizon Vcast.//   

       I'm pretty sure they dont have dot matrix printer versions of cello suites.
bleh, May 21 2007

       //Now, I've got that tune stuck in my head. //   

       Sailing away, pop goes the weasel, back in black, or the cello suite?
bleh, May 21 2007

       Uh, I don't remember, hold on a sec.   

       Oh yeah, it was Pop Goes The Weasel, and thanks...now it's back!   

       I had that roger miller whistle thing from the old disney robin hood (the one with the fox) stuck in my head for about 2 years. drove me friggin crazy.
bleh, May 23 2007


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