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Sword-and-Sorcery Pocket Rockers

Embossed grooved endless tape plays music without electricity.
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A wind up phonograph that uses tape instead of a disc or cylinder like the Goodale Celluloid Tape Phonograph, except that it is small scaled and the tape is endless like an 8 track tape. There would be a spring motor that moves the tape at 8 inches per second. The record would be recorded at 270 apparent grooves per inch and there would be 2 grooves (that loop around many times) so there could be 2 three minute and twenty two second songs on a 4 foot by 1/4 inch tape. I am guessing that the plastic/celluloid tape needs to be 1/20 of a millimeter thick to record sound. Package this with popular songs and make the phonograph look like it would be something a Wizard or Knight would wear.
Amishman35, Feb 17 2004

Pocket Rockers http://x-entertainment.com/articles/0862/
[Fisher Price] Circa 1988 [Letsbuildafort, Oct 17 2004]

Drawing http://www.geocitie...hfan/tapephono.html
Very crummy rushed drawing of what it may look like. [Amishman35, Oct 17 2004]


       Must have sketch please.   

       It sounds complicated and lo-fi. What advantage does it have over, say, a CD player with a crank to charge the battery? (...made to look like something a wizard or knight would wear, of course)
ConsultingDetective, Feb 18 2004

       For an [Amishman] with no electricity you sure frequent the HalfBakery a lot... what's that about then?
k_sra, Feb 18 2004

       Halfbaking via candle light and postcard.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 18 2004

       Old School.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 18 2004

       Hardcore oldschool.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 18 2004

       Ultra hardcore oldschool.
k_sra, Feb 18 2004

       Super-delux ultra hardcore oldschool?
ato_de, Feb 18 2004

       Megawatt super-delux ultra hardcore oldschool
k_sra, Feb 19 2004

       School's out.   

k_sra, Feb 19 2004


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