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Share the MP3 Love
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Not really a stand-alone product, but an add-on to be built into future portable digital music players.

Using either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth standard, this device would be built into the next generation of MP3 (or other format) players. It would allow one user to send his MP3 files to another's Songbeam-enabled MP3 player.

Of course, this is unlikely to be implemented in a pure form by the major manufacturers, so when Songbeam sends a copy of a file, it will not be an exact copy, but will be processed to slightly degrade the sound quality.

This will allow songs to be distributed to a wider audience, giving the artists greater exposure. While the shared music will be of good enough quality for listeners to determine whether or not they like the songs, the desire to hear better quality versions may prompt them to purchase the CDs, or purchase official, first-generation downloaded versions.

Most importantly, it may prompt people to break out of their "iPod iSolation", and actually interact with other music lovers, as strangers share their collections with each other.

Guncrazy, Mar 28 2005


       The DRM-crazed RIAA would never allow this to exist.
waugsqueke, Mar 28 2005

       I had a similar thought, and here it is already half baked but with a great name already. My addition would be to have the copy limited in the number of times it will play. That way the reciever could decide if the wanted to pay for the download.   

       A co-worker suggested the ability to broadcast a list of shared songs so other people (commuters on bus for example) could browse a list of songs to demo.
SimpleTom, Sep 16 2005

       This is getting close to peer-to-peer file sharing. Still, with the resolution downgrade trick, the RIAA et. al. might consider it. Very sociable idea, hence bun.
wagster, Sep 16 2005

       Thought of this last night while sitting in an airport, wondering what everyone around me was experiencing in their earbuds. + for a great name and getting to it first.
Libertine, Apr 05 2007

       Even if the RIAA doesn't allow this to be implemented by manunfacturers, someone is bound to program an open source application for PDAs or Symbian phones that does this.   

       It's only a matter of time
kinemojo, Aug 30 2007

       You can bake this quite easily with an iTrip (or similar radio broadcasting device) and a radio. All you would need to do is agree on a common frequency.
marklar, Aug 30 2007

       Either we did this here already, or I read it someplace.   

       Automobile drivers going up and down the turnpike, swapping song collections.
normzone, Feb 04 2016

       //when Songbeam sends a copy of a file,//   

       Why send the file? Why not just send it "live", with no storeable copy sent to the sharer(s)?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 04 2016


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