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Soundtrack Soundtrack

What were they listening to?
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A collection of the songs a band/artist listened to while recording their record. As I like the music they make, I imagine I'd like the music they like. No, not a list of influences.
nizgy16, Dec 01 2002

The Music Genome Project http://www.pandora.com/
Give it a song or artist you like, and it'll make a radio station of other songs and artists you would like! [istill316, Dec 04 2006]


       Similar to the 'Back To Mine' range of CD's?
tyskland, Dec 01 2002

       Found it on Google. I s'pose it would be similar, the difference being specifically what they listened to during, rather than a gathering of songs that they generally like. A thin line perhaps.
nizgy16, Dec 01 2002

       Check out Pandora.com. It's not quite what you're looking for, but it works really well by coming up with music that you would like based on songs/artists you tell it you like.
istill316, Dec 04 2006


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