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Sonic screw loosener

Make noise and vibrate screws with it
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If the precise dimensions of a particular screw is known, this handheld device will, when touching it, vibrate at its resonant frequency. Hopefully this will shake it loose of rust, loosely bonded molecules, and other causes of friction.
Voice, Mar 07 2020

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       The optimum won't be the perfect resonance for the screw, there's a bond there. The screw is not the screw.
wjt, Mar 07 2020

       Ultrasonic heating of the screw/bolt/nut at the resonant frequency of the component would be useful. It would limit heating more to the component itself rather than the surrounding material.   

       The idea would be to thermally expand the item, then rapidly cool it again, breaking the grip with the surroundings.   

       But hammers are good too.
8th of 7, Mar 07 2020


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