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Sonic screwdriver No.2

because Dr. Who has No.1
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This is a screwdriver which has an ultrasonic device in the handle. It loosens screws. It may even help to reduce the effort to tighten them.
Ling, Feb 13 2015

And it will mssage your hand while you work... http://en.wikipedia...ration_white_finger
[hippo, Feb 13 2015]

11 uses of a sonic screwdriver. Me wants one of them. http://youtu.be/LXliD189bss
Obviously this idea is No.12. [Ling, Feb 13 2015]


       What is the difference between no.1 and no.2?
zeno, Feb 13 2015

       And in universe, No 1. manages to remote control and device, anywhere, ever.   

       As far as Hippo's link, I suspect it's not an issue. That's mostly caused by middle and lower frequencies, high amplitude, and constant use (hammer drills, jack hammers, lawnmowers). An occasional use, high frequency, low amplitude device is not likely a risk.
MechE, Feb 13 2015

       See link for several uses of a Dr. Who sonic screwdriver. Every tool kit should have one.
Ling, Feb 13 2015


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