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Screwdriver Mandala Necklace

One screwdriver to rule them all.
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All potential heads in all shapes and sizes are arranged circumferentially and attached solidly to this round tool: a single place of steel. It is worn as a necklace.

It is practical and also celebrates the use of tools as emblematic of mankind. Plus if you throw it hard at something soft it might stick.

bungston, Mar 26 2014

Inspiration! Knife_20screwdrivers
[bungston, Mar 26 2014]

Different Bits http://www.irwin.co...screwdriver-bit-set
This doesn't include large or tiny standard allen bits, any metric allen bits, or any security bits. [MechE, Mar 30 2014]

Sears/craftsman-4-way-screwdriver http://www.sears.co...iver/p-00904160000P
Similar [csea, Mar 30 2014]


       Ah. A piece such as this would be a thing of great beauty. Almost as lovely as a hammer on a thong, and so much more practical, and less randomly and unintentionally destructive.   

       It could be nice and big, too. Some screwdrivers need to be fiddled into narrow and deep places (just like the famous Citroën plug spanners of yesteryear's yesteryear), and they could hang from the lowest point of the ring.   

       I suppose there would have to be a way to bend them orthogonal to the ring when using them in certain situations, too.
skoomphemph, Mar 26 2014

       Yes, lovely but a head needs a handle. Is this held over the ear or stuck down your sock?
po, Mar 26 2014

       [+] want!
xandram, Mar 27 2014

       I sometimes wear a Y-shaped spoke spanner around my neck; more or less exactly because it is practical and also celebrates the use of tools as emblematic of mankind. And like most well-made tools, it is beautiful.   

       I have no intention of throwing it at anything soft, though. [+]
spidermother, Mar 30 2014

       I think the entire disk thing could be the handle.   

       I am thinking that one would want to test to make sure that a given head could fully engage the screw without the neighbor head butting up into it. Each head might need a spacer between it and its neighbor. Perhaps a PRECIOUS JEWEL? Or a ball bearing.
bungston, Mar 30 2014

       Butting the neighbours can be avoided by having each tool head swivel on the ring; the one being used stands erect while the others are pushed inwards out of the way.
pocmloc, Mar 30 2014

       //All potential heads in all shapes and sizes//   

       Greatly hindering your ability to stand upright without being dragged down by your necklace.   

       A relatively complete driver set weighs several pounds, a truly complete set (all possible sizes of all different types, and all different security/proprietary models) weighs significantly more. Mount them on a ring large enough that they are all useable, and it's going to be massive.
MechE, Mar 30 2014

       I used to have a keyring fob similar to [link], except it had one philips driver.
csea, Mar 30 2014

       /massive/ If large in circumference it could be worn as a crown - producing a halo effect like a Byzantine saint. If truly massive it could be called a pectoral, and worn with suspenders.   

       /swivel/ = awesome. This improves functionality and also allows for more visual spectacle as some heads are up and some are down. Very nice.   

       /hammer on thong/ = be very careful if dancing with this on. Unless it is a long thong in which case your kilt should absorb any impacts from the inside, as it is designed to do.
bungston, Mar 30 2014

       A crown! With one of those, one could even build in a pair of full-size fencing pliers (that model would have to be sold as a neck-strengthening device, though).   

       For the easily embarrassed, the tools could be incorporated into a standard top hat (or panama, for the smaller set).   

       ... Anyone here still remember Steed's bowler?
skoomphemph, Mar 30 2014

       I seem to have false memories of him throwing it at people - sort of like a lethal frisbee, only not as flat. All I could find on Youtube were a few clips of him being unsporting and hitting people with it, so it must have been someone else who did that.
skoomphemph, Mar 30 2014


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