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Soup Rally

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Just like a normal rally, except that the navigator has to hold a shallow bowl full of thick fish soup through the drive, for each 5ml spilled, one second is shaved off the team's stage time.
calum, Dec 27 2006


       + Hot soup or cold?
xandram, Dec 27 2006

       <Stuart Hall>"...AND HERE COME THE BELGIANS!"</SH>
gnomethang, Dec 27 2006

       spills the lot after a shark turn to the right - it had to be said, and I'm not sorry in the least. [+]
xenzag, Dec 27 2006

       "Well, you join us here for the second stage of the Soup Rally. There were mieny highlights yesterday, and today the action's really coming to the boil. Brian?"   

       "Yes, Murray, and as you join us the current leader Waita is having a great run - he's driving very bisquely indeed. He - oh! Just as I say that, he spills some of his soup on the tight left-hander!"   

       "No doubt that'll please his rival, Fischer - the two of them have a fierce rivalry, in fact sometimes they seem to be deadly phos - who's having a good run himself. As we join him now, we see him borscht through the chicane at high speed, though he'll need to pay attention on this next section - there are some dangerous pozoles in the road ahead."   

       "Yes, Murray - and those of you who were watching earlier today will remember seeing the overnight leader Broom catch one of those. It damaged his gas tank and he had to waste valuable minutes making repairs. By the time he'd glued a gazpachon his tank, he'd lost several places."   

       "Yes, that was pure carelessness on his part - he had a clear opportunity to extend his overnight lead, but misoed out completely."   

       "Going back to Waita... and wow - Waita there's a-flyin'! My! Souper stuff from this youngster, who's making a name for himself in his first season as a Soup Rally driver. Last season, he was in stock car racing, and now he's on the verge of glory in the Soup Rally series!"   

       "Yes, Brian, it's not every day you get to see a young driver of his talent. He's puree class, a consommete professional."   

       "Oh - over on the long straight through the forest, 5th-placed Stevens has just tried to take out the car in front of him! And he's still trying - accelerating and ramen Milano from behind! No damage done to their cars, but the soup's a different matter - you can see big splashes on broth their windshields!"   

       "Wow! Milano will really be stewing about that! And - "   

       "Sorry to cut in here, Murray, but it's time for a message from our sponsors."   

       "Yes, we'd burgoo to the ad break now, but we'll be right back. Stay with us for more live action from the Soup Rally!"
imaginality, Dec 27 2006

       Kind of intriguing to think about the modifications that would be made to the vehicles for this sort of a rally, Big soft tires, very compliant suspension, active pitch and yawl control for the body, reduced acceleration etc.   

       Could be interesting to see once(then not so much).
jhomrighaus, Dec 27 2006

       Fantastic anno there, worth 2 bun alone.   

       The idea's worth another one, [+].
Germanicus, Dec 28 2006

       Would the competitors be allowed to gimbal-mount the soup bowl?
beck, Dec 28 2006

       I think that would be cheating.   

       And one hundred points to imaginality, for the carpet-bombing of punnage.
calum, Dec 29 2006

       Cheers, [calum]. There were so many possibilities, I just corn resist.
imaginality, Dec 29 2006

       Souper Bowl
xandram, Dec 29 2006

       They did something similar to this a year or so ago on Top Gear (BBC TV program)- driving cars over a very rough track to test the suspension, with sieves full of eggs above the drivers heads - 1 point per gram of egg remaining at the end of the track, 1 point lost for each time a door/mirror/wheel dropped off. As the cars were British Leyland's finest, few points were awarded
MadnessInMyMethod, Dec 28 2008

       //What sort of fish soup?//
It will vary by host nation but for the UK, I'd say cullen skink.
calum, Dec 29 2008


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