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A New and Exciting (and Dangerous) Spectator Sport
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If you are unfamiliar with the Tron lightcycle game, see [link].

In Professional Tron aka Protron, players race around a special stadium in modified motorcycles. The floor is slick and has grid lines all over it. The walls are padded for the player's protection and the playing field is surrounded in Plexiglas to protect both the players and spectators. The grid lines are actually wall sections that are raised up when a motorcycle passes by them and lowered after a given amount of time depending on the rules being used. The motorcycles and grid lines have electronics to facilitate this.

A player is out of the game if they run into a wall (either the outer wall or a player's wall including their own) or into another player. The last player remaining wins. Alternatively the players can be on teams of five and work together against the others, and the last player's team wins (and they are MVP). The players have all the best safety equipment and medics are standing by.

Spacecoyote, Dec 26 2008

Armagetron Advanced http://www.armagetronad.net/
[Spacecoyote, Dec 26 2008]

(?) Wave Tron Wave_20Tron
[quantum_flux, Dec 28 2008]


       No, not a subatomic particle which saves money by carrying both charges at once, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2008

       I'll one up you, how about WaveTron ?
quantum_flux, Dec 28 2008

       Mine is real, not a computer game.
Spacecoyote, Dec 28 2008

       Oh, sounds dangerous then.
quantum_flux, Dec 29 2008

lurch, Dec 29 2008

       WIBNI doesn't count if you explain how to do it.   

       That movie is more than 20 years old. There's been lots of advancements in sensor networks tech and other related technologies such that this is eminently bakeable.   

       Electric motorcycles could be used so the players aren't eating each others exhaust. All that's really needed to activate the floor sensors is a simple RFID tag in the bike.   

       The real barrier before, I think, was cost. This isn't the case anymore. Not only has technology gotten cheaper, managers are able to spend much more money on stadium tech than before. Do you have any idea how much they pay for things like jumbotrons? How much China spent on the Olympics?   

       Not only that, but there's also huge potential for sponsorship. There's 10 bikers, bikes, helmets, and protective suits, and also hundreds of feet of walls. All things to slather the ads on.   

       Also, this is not exactly as it was in the movie. For example, the walls were actually energy jet trails and the bikes were lightcycles, etc, etc. The picture has been modified to fit your reality.
Spacecoyote, Dec 29 2008


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