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Motor ball

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Each team has :

1 goal keeper, 3 strikers, 1 defender,

the aim of the game is for the strikers to throw/kick the ball into 3 hoops wich will be gaurded by the oppositions keeper. But they have to do this without the oppositions defender knocking them over. There are no other rules except all the players will be on go-karts except the keeper who will be on a moving platform .


gizmo, Apr 04 2003

Whirly Ball http://www.whirlyballcleveland.com/
Somewhat related (real) version. Combination of bumper cars, jai-alai and basketball. Available in various places across North America. [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]

Motorball https://youtu.be/e5qAsdNJjeo
Motorball in movie Alita:Battle Angel [bondarchukb, Aug 23 2019]


       A few nagging questions:   

       1) What kind of go-karts did you have in mind? Downhill racer-type? Roll-cage mini-cars?   

       2) How are they supposed to kick the ball if they're in go-karts?   

       3) How are the defenders supposed to 'knock them over' if they too are in go-karts?   

       4) 'No other rules' - no penalties, time limits, out-of-bounds or anything?   

       5) This moving platform... is it self-controlled, motorized, mag-lev, piezo-electric powered or WHAT?
Cedar Park, Apr 04 2003

       3 hoops? Knocking people about? Few evident rules? Would this be Quiddich?
Don Quixote, Apr 04 2003

       My brother once flipped a gocart, which landed on him and hot oil poured out of him. You would not want to use that gocart for this game.
bungston, Apr 04 2003

       tombomb - very probably baked at least in computer game format
chud, Apr 04 2003

       There's a real game called Whirlyball that is somewhat similar. See link.
krelnik, Apr 04 2003

       [bung]: //which landed on him and hot oil poured out of him.// - I bet he was shocked about that.
Cedar Park, Apr 06 2003

       Not nearly as shocked as when the hot oil poured into him.
bristolz, Apr 06 2003


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