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Sour Grenades

Definitely NOT candy
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Simple, really. A non-lethal alternative to controvesial flashbangs and tasers. A small grenade will, when thrown, gently crack open and release a massive quantity of denatonium benzoate (in gas form)over the area. Denatonium is regarded as one of the most bitter substances known to man, and is unbearable even in concentrations of 10 ppm. The affected rioters will be harmlessly subjected to the most sour $#%! ever created, and be arrested for a nice, long drink of water and a jail cell.
croissantz, Nov 13 2007

Denatonium at Wikipedia.org http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denatonium
[phoenix, Nov 13 2007]

OSHA Respirator Fit Testing Procedures http://www.osha.gov...standards&p_id=9780
Scroll down to Section B, Part 4: Bitrex... [Alx_xlA, Jun 27 2010]

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       Wikipedia indicates denatonium exists as a salt - any idea what it would take to disburse it as a gas?
phoenix, Nov 13 2007

       Don't you mean 'Bitter' Grenades?   

       With sour grenade, you'd need to disperse a fine cloud of oxalic acid. Or something similar. Maybe just beam a ray of ionized hydrogens directly into the mouth of the victim; then you can have a sour laser.   

       'Suck on this!'
mylodon, Nov 13 2007

       As opposed to 'Bitters' Grenades which release measures of Angostura, leaving the victims with settled stomachs and a slightly pinkish hue.
Canuck, Nov 13 2007

       //leaving the victims with settled stomachs and a slightly pinkish hue.//   

       [canuck] what would leave victims a slightly bluish hue? ....think smurfs....
pyggy potamus, Nov 13 2007

       It appears that, for respirator testing, Bitrex is dissolved in warm salt water, and can then be delivered as an aerosol. This would be a more efficient delivery system rather than attempting to gassify it or disperse it as a solid.   

Alx_xlA, Jun 27 2010


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