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South London Christmas Halfcon

A bit like a normal Halfcon, except it's in South London, UK
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The King's Head Pub, Tooting - Tuesday 23rd December 2008.

Time TBC (afternoon probably).

You'll know the others by their faces.

[Bring your Genk flannels]

Dub, Dec 19 2008

The King's Head Pub, Tooting http://www.timeout....s/reviews/7578.html
5mins from Tooting Bec tube - [Northern Line] (ignore everyone-else, and walk towards Tooting Broadway tube) - Look at the map on this site - Tooting's a bit like that, only much much bigger. [Dub, Dec 19 2008]

[Dub]'s pictures http://dubatmultipl....com/photos/album/8
Happy Christmas all! [Dub, Dec 24 2008]


       Tootcon '08!
zen_tom, Dec 19 2008

       We might have the wrong kind of people turn up, if we called it that!
Dub, Dec 19 2008

       So, if you dressed like an Egyptian Mummy could this be described as a Tooting-come-on?
xenzag, Dec 19 2008

       Tooting Common - old joke!
po, Dec 19 2008

       It's out of my jurisdiction, I'm afraid.   

       I might be able to make some kind of remote presence though...
Jinbish, Dec 19 2008

       what like? give us a ring?
po, Dec 19 2008

       //give us a ring//
Ooooh! An engagement!
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 19 2008

       I'll give you an 'engagement'!   

       <ahem>Could do. I am technically off on the 23rd (I think?)   

       Either that or I could send some kind of mechanically marvelous doppelganger in my stead.
Jinbish, Dec 19 2008

       [Jinbish] You mean turn up to SLCHCon in person, send doppelganger to work that day, right?
Dub, Dec 20 2008

       Have a drink or two for me!! wish I could be there. xox
xandram, Dec 20 2008

       [Dub], sadly not. Things would start with the doppelganger arousing the suspicion of my employers with the sudden existence of competence and productivity and the damn dirty simulcrum would usurp my life...
Jinbish, Dec 20 2008

       Hope you all have fun and take pictures!
blissmiss, Dec 20 2008

       As stated elsewhere, I am off to Holland to spend Christmas with my Sis and Co. and am leaving that day.
Hope you alll have a great time.
gnomethang, Dec 21 2008

       Buggery. I'll never make it. I have a meeting in Soho at 15:00 and a flight home at 21:00.
wagster, Dec 21 2008

       what [bliss] said   

       I should be down there around midday - If can't make it till later, please post an ETA here (I'll try to check as regularly as I can and I'll hang about)
Dub, Dec 22 2008

       1sh, 2ish?
zen_tom, Dec 22 2008

       Sounds like a hoot.I shall attend.
skinflaps, Dec 22 2008

       count me in then, flaps.
po, Dec 22 2008

       Have a beer and some flaps for me, pooey, and merry seasons.
blissmiss, Dec 22 2008

       OK, I'll be there from around 12:30'ish
Dub, Dec 23 2008

       *waves* Wish I could be there--I miss you guys, too.
jutta, Dec 23 2008

       Yeah, how'd it go?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 23 2008

       They are probably at the Kebab and a Fight stage round about now.

       Especially that [po].....
gnomethang, Dec 23 2008

       //They are probably at the Kebab and a Fight stage round about now.   

       Especially that [po]..... //
Why'd'ya think I stayed away?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 23 2008

       I'll have you know it was all very nice - really good to see everyone.
zen_tom, Dec 23 2008

       hee hee - I had a great time   

       wags is sooo tall, flaps is so funny, zen-tom so huggable and dub, mmmm so fragrant.
po, Dec 23 2008

       They sound like a Christmas tree...
blissmiss, Dec 23 2008

       [Awol/GnT]Well, they've managed to put the front back on Tooting (it fell off during the second round of Genk) [po]I like the way I smell... most of the time.
Dub, Dec 23 2008

       quite right blissy - they add up to the perfect xmas.   

       & we all wish [jutta] a fantastic new year!
po, Dec 23 2008

       Sorry I didn't manage to call in. Despite some expertise there is no accounting for standard incompetence... I even botched a text attempt (found it sitting in my 'outbox' just there).   

       Glad you all had fun!
Jinbish, Dec 23 2008

       Great to see y'all again, and nice to finally meet you [po]. Thanks for rescuing my crappy day and have a good xmas.   

       PS Sorry we didn't get around to the kebab and fight - maybe next time?
wagster, Dec 23 2008

       I read that as kebab fight, [wag], hmmmmmm.
blissmiss, Dec 24 2008


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