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Pre-Christmas London HalfCon 2019

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Somewhere in London. Sometime before Christmas.

It would be good to meet up, anyone who can. I’d be eager to put names/ideas to faces.

East/central London is easiest for me, and Mon/Tue/We’d evenings work best.


Frankx, Oct 22 2019


       Be right over...in my dreams. Ha.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2019

       There's the locals and antipodeans.
wjt, Oct 25 2019

       I'd be willing to appear in a London pub soon - indeed, I tend to appear in London pubs on a regular basis. But consider the results of the last attempted London Halfcon, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the bakery. Either the sum total in attendance was a resounding zero, or the elite bakers formed a clique, and rearranged the meeting to happen in secret. I've no doubt that the exclusion of [Ian] from this secret group led to his departure. Incidentally, last time [Ian] departed the bakery, he still appeared at the following Halfcon, as I have a distinct memory of him explaining to me his reasons for leaving. I have forgotten the reasons, but I remember him explaining them.
mitxela, Oct 30 2019

       [Bliss], flattered! [mitxela], would be good to meet up- I’m not capable of forming a clique on my own.
Frankx, Oct 30 2019


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