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Italian on the go
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Special delicacy, special donut shaped meatballs are threaded onto a strand of large, long, hollow, grooved noodle, which has sauce, and some spaghetti strands inside. Sauce also between meatballs and the large noodle.

This is for when you have a hankerin for Italian, but dont have time for a restuarant. I imagine these would be sold from little carts like hot dogs.

There is a picture I made, sort of what I'm trying to get across. I didnt quite get the textures right, so bear with me.

Yellow things are noodles, red is sauce, and brown is surposed to be meat.

DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

(?) Here http://img450.image...aghettistick5at.png
A pic [DesertFox, Jan 04 2006]

(?) The Fruit Roll-Up http://products.peapod.com/1080.html
now, also in hollandaise! [Zuzu, Jan 05 2006]


       I have no idea what to say. But it looks kind of tasty.
notmarkflynn, Jan 04 2006

       are they soft noodles? if so they wouldnt be very stable. If theyre hard noodles then thats just gross and probably uncooked. im not a big fan of pasta anyway but your idea makes me think
plaguedcookies, Jan 04 2006

       Soft noodles. Noodles are sufficiently strong for this. Plus, you have the little paper carton to hold it with, like the picture.
DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

       I like the drawing of your snack/dangerous sex toy/nuclear fuel container/futuristic bingle stick.
wagster, Jan 04 2006

       Before reading I imagined this to be some sort of edible facial hair snack.   

       Before looking at the picture I imagined a spaggetti necklace with meatball beads.   

       In the end, I think I like it. I'd make the meat act as the support structure though by making it a solid tube, and put the sauce inside the pasta.
Worldgineer, Jan 04 2006

       I read the word doughnut and immediately had the vision of an entirely self contained meal. An outer pasta skin containing all the meat and sauce within.
fridge duck, Jan 05 2006

       Looks like you got some sorta gelatinous sauce thing going on there... a Sauce Roll-Up as it were. I like, same taste, no mess. Nice illo [+]
Zuzu, Jan 05 2006

       My only alteration to this gem would be the removal of the sauce on the outside. This would make for a much more drastic flavor explosion of sauce and pasta along with the already tasted meatball when biting into the concoction. Also: Less mess. + for you!
Yarr, Jan 05 2006

       Make this a microwavable prepared convenience food and I'd try it. [+]
jurist, Jan 05 2006

       Mmmm calzone. Damn...Now I'm all hungry.
Yarr, Jan 05 2006

       This is entirely different than a calzone, which is similar to a hot-pocket sandwich, or perhaps a grande ravioli.   

       This is spaghetti or angel hair noodles threaded through meatball doughnuts, sauced in appropriate places. Offhand, I can't think of another dish that's served quite that way, like meatbeads on a twisted necklace chain of pasta.
jurist, Jan 05 2006

       love the illustration,but maybe the name should be something like spaget-ka-bob.
xandram, Jan 05 2006

       I'd eat that.
justaguy, Jan 05 2006

       Excellent illustration. Made me laugh, and then feel hungry. Bravo!+
blissmiss, Jan 05 2006

       Mmm. Free swimming little meatballs trapped in a gelatinous net ... no chickens harmed. +
reensure, Jan 05 2006

       A topologically inside-out sandwich. Interesting.
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2006

       Looks like it could also be used as a new Mafia weapon for "whacking" enemies/rivals. When frozen it could be used as a bat, Bloodstains would be hidden by the Tomato sauce, and then the "evidence" could be microwaved and eaten! Just'a like mamma used to make!
Minimal, Jan 06 2006

       Isn't "ghoti" an alternate spelling of "fish"?
("gh" is the "f" sound in "enough", the "i" is the "o" in "women" and "sh" is the "ti" in "station")
coprocephalous, Jan 06 2006

       What coprocephalous said. [edit]
Ehrm, Jan 06 2006

       (+) for the uniformity of the sauce in your illustration alone. Nice one [DF].
neilp, Jan 06 2006


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