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Spam Pantry

Don't dilute the filters, but save the funny ones.
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In gmail as it exists (and presumably other email systems of similar design) one can tag an email as spam, which sends it automatically to the spam folder and, after thirty days, deletes it. Or the systems can tag stuff for you, and it's supposed to learn what to tag as spam by looking at what you tag. My beef is with the thirty-days-delete rule, because one can't move emails out of the spam folder without marking them as "Not Spam".

Occasionally I get a spam message that is indeed spam, that I want the filters to *know* is spam, but that is so amusing or surreal that I want to keep it around as a sort of captive specimen. (Anything with a subject line of "James had little time to savor his new silverware before ..." may be spam, but it's also a priceless example of dadaist art.)

Idea: a folder in Gmail called "Spam Pantry", where you can move messages to save them indefinately, while still assuring the filter that yes, spam looks like this.

gisho, Jul 06 2007


       This is a suggestion for g-mail, perhaps you should post it to them.(-)   

       Oh, and if you want to save those, just cut and paste the text into your own message and save that. Just don't save links, attachments, or headers, that is where the dangerous stuff is.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 06 2007

       Why not print the message out?   

       Why not have these things in the pantry posted up for sharing since they're so precious?   

       Hmm, now that's an idea... but I think the idea I just had is baked in one way or another.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 06 2007

       Although Gmail is mentioned, I think this would apply to any adaptive spam filter, such as the one included in ThunderBird.
marklar, Jul 08 2007


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