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'Skiddie' Flamer

Running a webserver and are tired of the Script Kiddies pounding your box?
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Anyone who runs a webserver should be aware of those pesky little Script Kiddies. Every tried looking at what the scripts try to access in your access logs? How about someone writes a mildly malicous program, names it, and places it appropriately to be found by the scripts, gives 100% access to that file.

Then whenever a Skiddie hits your box with a script they get a chrashed computer, or nag screens which just won't go away. Hopefully enough hits on 'special' sites will teach them not to hack, or at least encourage them to learn how to be a good hacker and fix holes rather than mess around with everything.

Taiti, Feb 09 2002


       I like it...   

       And not only because it was written on my birthday last year.
Seaneeboy, Jan 22 2003


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