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High-visibility spoke reflectors + strobing LED headlamps = SparkleSpokes!
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Rather than spoke-mounted LED displays (of which there are plenty, and they look really cool), this safety device for bicycles relies on two elements: an array of small beadlike prismatic reflectors mounted on the spokes of the front wheel, and two strobing LED headlamps mounted on the handlebars so that the light from the headlamps strikes the spokes at an angle. The reflectors should throw off the light from the headlamps in an ever-changing display of sparkly light. I leave the details to the physicists.
smendler, Mar 02 2012


       Strobing headlights might not be too popular with oncoming drivers. The multitude of reflective elements on the spokes should be plenty sparkly in the light from constant lamps.
Alterother, Mar 02 2012

       I think [smendler] is talking about having headlamp-class lighting, but not pointed in the forward direction like a normal headlamp. Pointed down at the front wheel, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
lurch, Mar 03 2012

       disco-ball bicycle.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2012


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