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knuckle light

handy illumination
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I recently had to ride home at midnight on a long unlit wooded rural track, using my vintage bicycle. To supplement its meagre vintage lights I borrowes a super-bright LED head torch. However I discovered I hate having the sourco of illumination just above my line of sight - the glow in the air, and the tracking of every head movement, is very fatuiging.

Instead, I propose these super bright LEDs are mounted on little swivel fixings on the knuckles of cycling gloves. The batteries in casings on the back of the hand.

This means the light beam is cast from handlebar height, just like normal, but also has the advantages of the head torch, viz. being attached to one's person allows easy dipping, to prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles in on-road sections, and bending to shine round corners, and not being attached to the bicycle makes them transferrable to any machine without worrying about those stupid plastic brackets.

pocmloc, Apr 13 2015

Clip-on Finger Lights http://www.amazon.c...404dz/dp/B006UJYC5Y
Baked, if your biking gloves are mesh on the back of the hand. [Canuck, Apr 14 2015]

Scuba Light http://www.houseofs...roduct/light97.html
Apparently there are many models made for suba divers. [Canuck, Apr 14 2015]


       This is a new take on the white glove, a slide and our natural satellite.
wjt, Apr 13 2015

       Just be careful you don't need to scratch your backside. :)
xandram, Apr 14 2015

       If it's bright enough to illuminate forward, it's going to be an issue to passing oncoming traffic if you're signalling a left turn.   

       Otherwise, I like the idea.
MechE, Apr 14 2015

       Thanks Canuck. Getting there but not quite as described. The scuba one is too big, while the finger ones don't use standard AAA rechargeable batteries.   

       [MechE] you can signal with your palm outstretched and fingers straight, so no chance of dazzling oncomers. But I envision this for long lonely country rides where there is no signalling needed, not for urban use. Also you could have some clever switching built in, e.g. straightening your finger switches them off.
pocmloc, Apr 14 2015


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