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Tron light-cycle light trail

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Apparently you can now buy a Tron light-cycle replica for $50k (link).

I thought it would be cool if it also included a wall-of-light to trail behind it.

My idea is a two part system: first part is a illuminated line that is painted onto the road; second part is a wall of aerosol that is dispersed above the illuminated line. The light from the line hits the aerosol droplets to give the effect of a wall of light.

Illuminated line
The illuminated line would be a chemiluminescent paint. The two reactive agents would be mixed and squirted out behind the back wheel.

Preferably, the light would only be projected upwards. This could be achieved by making the chemiluminescent paint put on the road as a gel or paste extrusion with the two vertical sides of the extrusion coated with black paint.

Wall of aerosol
The aerosol would be dispersed from a vertical array of nozzles at the back of the bike. The aerosol could be of neutral buoyancy so to make the effect more lasting (see link to my "microbubble aerosol" idea).

xaviergisz, Nov 14 2011

Xenon lightcycle http://www.engadget...cycle-lithium-elec/
[xaviergisz, Nov 14 2011]

Chemiluminescence http://en.wikipedia...i/Chemiluminescence
[xaviergisz, Nov 14 2011]

Wikipedia on "Light cycles" http://en.wikipedia...ise%29#Light_cycles
[xaviergisz, Nov 14 2011]

microbubble aerosol
[xaviergisz, Nov 14 2011]


       It might work better with a reflective paint/tape and a laser line projector off the back of the cycle. This would avoid the issue of the light spreading sideways.
MechE, Nov 14 2011


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