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Sparky Pee Pee Sensor

know when your dog has to go before he does
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not certain how this would work exactly but why couldn't you affix a sensor to a dog that would let you know when his bladder was about to be full.

now you would know ahead of time that he has to go, a computer could sound an alarm that the dog would hear and get to know and then pop open a door to automatically let the animal out.

the implications of a silent version that you could affix to a friend , the human type could be very entertaining

vfrackis, May 03 2009


       As stupid as this idea is, it might be applied to diapers/babies. Just so they never go for long with a dirty diaper. Fishbone for not mentioning that. I haven't searched but I would guess a diaper alarm is already in the halfbakery files, if not, it should be.
zeno, May 03 2009

       zeno, I think that would be a detector for after the event. vfrackis' idea would give you a forewarning. But without some indication of how it would work, it's not really an idea.   

       You could probably put a pressure sensor and transponder (like tyre pressure sensors) inside the bladder but (a) I don't think bladder pressure increases a lot until just before you really, really gotta go and (b) you'd need to stop it rolling around and blocking the outlet.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2009

       "Where no dog has gone before"   

       Star Trek backslang.
skinflaps, May 03 2009

       Perhaps direct pressure is not what you need to measure, perhaps weight on the supporting ligaments / connective tissue is what's needed.
RayfordSteele, May 05 2009

       I'll never think of the phrase 'boldly go' the same way again.
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2009


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