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Urinary polymer

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Urine can be messy. The stream may lose coherence and splatter. I propose that research be conducted to discover a substance, perhaps a sugar, which is filtered by the kidney then polymerizes when reaching urinary pH. The polymer would help keep the urine coherent, allowing greater accuracy and less splatter. One would need to be careful not to take too much of the polymerizing substance, however.
bungston, Apr 07 2004

Polymeric Drag Reduction http://fluid.power..../hanghzau/5_2_5.pdf
[bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Since someone will anyway make comments about magic I suggest a substance that turns into a rubbery solid as soon as it touches air. That way you can pee any time, then dicreetly grab the bag while pretending to scratch your groin and dispose of it.   

       Alternatively you could genetically engineer humans to produce a "fecal sac" (google that) like the little birds do. Very clean, could also eliminate the need for toilet paper.
kbecker, Apr 07 2004

       [bung] Please clarify what your desired effect is. Polymerization just means to chemically form longer molecules. Is your desired goal to:
a) Create solids in the urine stream, or
b) Increase viscosity?

       Either way I do not see the results as being pleasant.   

       [kb] //discreetly grab the bag//? Or go somewhere to painfully remove the solid mass from your pubic hair and clothes?
Worldgineer, Apr 07 2004

       //to painfully remove the solid mass// That's only the first time and indicates malfunction anyway. The first emerging drop should have formed the bubble skin that seals the rest.
kbecker, Apr 07 2004

       Is that an icicle, or were you not expecting to see me?
dpsyplc, Apr 07 2004

       This prune soup tastes funny, I can't put my finger on it. Wait, yes I can, it's these lumps of yellow jellow. +
sartep, Apr 07 2004

       [World] - my goal is neither solids in the urine stream, nor increased viscosity - nay, it is none other than Polymeric Drag Reduction! "A generally accepted explanation of the mechanism which causes this reduction is not available" (link).
bungston, Apr 08 2004

       Teflon-smooth laminar flow? I've never dreamed of such wonders. Complete your business in 3 seconds flat. +   

       Although I'm going to have to [MFD] magic this marvelous technology unless you can at least identfy a possible mer (the things that stick together to make a polymer) contained in urine.
Worldgineer, Apr 08 2004

       I see there is a somewhat stale challenge from [World] here. Ok - methenamine is a drug used to treat urinary tract infections. In the acidic urine in the bladder, methenamine turns into formaldehyde, which the bladder can tolerate but bugs cannot. Formaldehyde and urea are components of many polymers. So the plan would be to find a chemical which would polymerize in the presence of formaldehyde and urea. You would need to eat methenamine along with it.
bungston, Aug 14 2004

mr2560, Aug 15 2004


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