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virtual roar

setup speakers at stadium, hook to internet, log fans in, feel the glory
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The fans may not be there but the sounds could be.*

*locally relative to the speed of internet light,of course.

wjt, Aug 25 2020

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Virtual b-ball attendance. [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 26 2020]


       Nothing faked here*, just digitized pure verbal emotion.   

       *Well maybe some lazy fans or the far away ones, tech savvy enough, to need those extra microseconds in response time.
wjt, Aug 26 2020

       There is already full video-crowd (conference call, sort of) during NBA games. See linky.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 26 2020

       It is a fight against time and 300 is not that many but technology can only get better and the speed of light is pretty quick. 8G?
wjt, Aug 27 2020

       [+] but you might want to have time delay word recognition and muting. Can you imagine? "OK, it's the bottom of the ninth, tied game, bases loaded. The crowd is absolutely silent..."   

       (from the virtual crowd) "SHIT FUCK TURD COCK ASSHOLE!"   

       (announcer) "Well, not everybody is silent."   

       There would probably be people who tuned in just to swear anonymously. Not just a few, I'd say... a solid 10% of the audience? You might even get groups chanting stuff together that rises up over the din.   

       OK, you could distort the individual inputs in such a way that just a generalized roar would be heard but no discernible individual words. A "word grinder" where a sample of the sections of the word are broken up into say, 4 parts and randomly put back together. You'd have to have it be random because people would just learn to swear in mixed up segments.   

       God, when did I get so cynical?
doctorremulac3, Aug 27 2020

       Just assume a joe or jane Tourette's and marvel at the complexity of the human race.   

       Or, more realistically, the system just has to have 'crowd' levels of input, making an individual's say inaudible. A lot of friends would then be needed to synchronously swear. The system still has to allow chanting and singing.
wjt, Aug 29 2020

       //A lot of friends would then be needed to synchronously swear.// That sounds like a blast. I'm not sure why it's not done in live stadiums.   

       How to prevent advertisers from spamming it?
Voice, Aug 29 2020

       Ah, a hard one. A large number of paid people are needed so prisoner dilemma payments, in other words dobbers?
wjt, Sep 04 2020


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