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Spectrum Stop Lights

Enforced by law
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I'm tired of yellow lights. I want as many different colored lights as there are
JesusHChrist, Oct 02 2016

For example: http://www.astronom...ydrogen-spectra.jpg
Hydrogen emission spectrum; gives you 5 colours. [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 02 2016]


       But using the spectrum of what? I'm thinking sodium would be a good start...
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 02 2016

       I read this as "Speculum Stop Lights", and that made me cringe.
blissmiss, Oct 02 2016

       It would be inappropriate to speculate on that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2016

       You'd need lead-glass windscreens for when the lights go Gamma ...
8th of 7, Oct 03 2016

       - #yellowlightsmatter
tatterdemalion, Oct 03 2016


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