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Speed Humps?

Do you know where they are?
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I was driving along at 30mhp (in a 30 zone) in a heavily populated speed bump haven. I have a Robin Reliant, which has real trouble navigating the near vertical slopes at speeds over 10mph. As I decelerated the car behind drove straight up the back of me causing extensive damage to the fibre glass body and minor whip-lash to my self. I propose that every time you approach a speed bump to sound your horn, thus informing any cars behind of the imminent and apparently random breaking. Much the same as when approaching blind bends.
Wooter, Oct 04 2002

Drawn by bristolz to illustrate another idea http://bz.pair.com/fun/indicators.html
I didn't ask before linking this so I hope that's ok by bz - sorry if it's not, but of course you can delete this. [lewisgirl, Oct 04 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       link added to a comprehesive car signalling system.
However, the car which hit you should have been far enough behind you to be able to brake when the driver saw your brake lights come on. If (s)he wasn't far enough away or wasn't paying attention to your lights, the driver is at fault. If your lights don't work, you are (partly) at fault. Extra tooting noise would not have helped in either of those scenarios (scenaria?)
lewisgirl, Oct 04 2002

       According to the highway code you "MUST NOT" use your horn between 11.30 pm and 7.00 am which would leave a 7 and half hour hole in your suggestion. I would recommend you get a faster car so you can floor it inbetween bumps, thus when you get to the next speed bump you're a safe distance from the car behind (alternatively tie a good number of pillows to the back of the car and one to the steering wheel).
pj, Oct 04 2002

       PJ - Point well made but... the highway code is only written suggestions. There are no 'laws' dictating when and were your 'horn' may be used. A new\faster car is out of the question my classic has sentimental values no other car could replace. Lewisgirl - For the record it was a she and im conviced that a short sharp toot would have alerted her of the hazard i was manoeuvring over.
Wooter, Oct 04 2002

       Wooter, get a motorbike and go around the speed bumps.
Mayfly, Oct 04 2002

       There's a "Speed Hump" sign an alley heading south (1200 block) off Wilshire between 4th and 5th street towards Santa Monica Post Office. Yet there's no Speed Hump.
thumbwax, Oct 05 2002

       Thumbwax, the sign is missing a comma and is intended as an imperative.
calum, Oct 06 2002

       Also known as a "quickie?" <g>
bristolz, Oct 06 2002


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